The Sustainable Promise of PFB – A look inside the world of Molecules to Mansions

What does it mean to make a sustainable promise? Does it mean the employees toss their coffee cups into recycling and not the trash? Or that we all ride our bikes to work to save energy? Or how about low flow toilets and energy efficient light bulbs? While all these things are associated with sustainability on different levels that is not entirely what PFB Corporation means when they make a sustainability promise.

Instead, our sustainable promise is to you, to communities, to our employees and to our stakeholders that we will continually strive to improve our sustainability in practice, products, and production. “Better Building Ideas from PFB” are insulation materials that enable our customers and building owners to reduce consumption of scarce natural resources, reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and reduce waste at building sites. With a vertically integrated line of products that begins with the smallest of bead (expanded polystyrene) progressing all the way through insulation products to beautifully crafted timber frames, we maintain our focus on the sustainability of not just what we make, but how we make it.

It is our policy to measure improvements in reducing the impact of our activities on the basis of economic, environmental and social factors and to report improvements to our stakeholders on an annual basis. In our efforts to continually report and improve on our sustainability initiatives we publish our yearly sustainability numbers for all to see. We identify areas that have been improved, and areas for consideration for further improvement.

We value and celebrate the awards our people and our products have received, as it is our goal to provide leadership to our industry in sustainability.

PFB is associated with multiple energy efficiency and green certification programs, such as The EPS Industry Alliance, The Greengard Certification program, and BullFrog Power and many more.

Learn more about our Sustainable Promise on 

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