7 Reasons Why Building with the Advantage ICF System Is the Way To Go

Any builder knows setting up concrete forms for a residential basement application can be a tedious and time consuming process. Not only that, once the foundation walls have been poured, you have to go back and take all those forms off the poured wall. Once those forms come off, with today’s Code basement insulation requirements now you have to insulate the exterior of the wall at the very least. There must be an easier way…..

Imagine if you can stack up blocks that not only provide the forming for the concrete, but an internal and external layer of insulation comes built right in. No stripping forms, or heavy equipment required for lifting that comes with other concrete wall forming methods. Think of it as building walls like you may have done with Lego blocks when you were young. The blocks can be carried right into the hole by one guy, and it’s literally a system of measuring and placing those blocks in courses up to your desired wall height. If the wall is a length that is not divisible exactly by the length of each block, you can cut them to length with a hand saw, in about 2 minutes. (You know, to account for the measure twice cut once method) There are tabs at the top and bottom of each block to help with alignment and “lock” the blocks into place. (Hence the Lego analogy)

So what are the true benefits of building with the Advantage ICF System?

  1. Lightweight forms provide stay-in place insulation for energy efficiency. Not only is the forming crew able to work quickly and efficiently with a lighter weight building material, but you only build it once. No more going back to remove the forms and insulate the perimeter. In the process, you are providing the homeowner with a higher level of energy-efficiency for their home.
  2. The Advantage ICF system has internal webs with 38 mm (1 ½ inch) wide flange surfaces provided for attachment of interior and exterior finishes. Depending on the thickness of the block, you have an attachment surface every 152 mm (6 inches) or 203 mm (8 inches). This helps your sub trades out by providing a consistent attachment surface that does not require concrete screws.
  3. Fast, year round construction. Advantage ICFs can be placed in extremely hot days (yep – we’ve been there) or even when the snow is flying (been there too). The foam is unaffected by the temperature change, and are much easier to handle in conditions made challenging by the weather.
  4. Advantage ICF blocks are dimensionally sized to coincide with standard lumber for window and door bucks, and top plate. Save time in your lumber cutting by only having to cut to length, and not order special widths or rip the lumber down, making the installation of the lumber much more time effective.
  5. Allows use of internal vibrators to assure concrete consolidation. The combination of the foam strength, with the molded tie (cross web) spacing creates a strong forming system, allowing for the recommended internal vibration. Vibration ensures that your concrete is completely consolidated and eliminates the “honey-combing” effect inside the forms. You can be confident you have a monolithic concrete wall without gaps or weak points.
  6. The Advantage ICF System provides the air and vapour barrier for wall area. You need to address air and vapour barrier system continuity issues at windows and other openings, but you do not apply a separate material to the ICF wall area. (Note – those internal ties are marked for you on the block in the form of a slightly recessed channel so you can see right where to attach your finishes)
  7. We provide excellent field support. In order to ensure you have the best experience possible for the installation of the Advantage ICF system, we have numerous resources from installation manuals, technical details, field guides, how-to videos, and if you have questions we have not addressed, we will happily talk to you about your specific needs

As you begin your planning for your next foundation, frost wall, landscape applications, above-grade wall system, or party walls, consider the benefits of the Advantage ICF System. Give us a call (888) 446-5377 or Start your project now 

The Advantage ICF System® is an EPS Product Solutions from Plasti-Fab Ltd.

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