Keeping the Cold out Part II: How to Insulate your Basement Walls

Yesterday we looked at how to begin insulating your basement by using PlastiSpan insulation on the floor. Walls can be just as important as the floor when insulating, especially if you have a walkout basement or exposed foundation walls. Our goal is energy efficiency, letting you condition your basement and providing a comfortable environment for everyone. Below we cover the second part of your basement insulation process, the walls.

Step 1: When insulating a basement wall, make sure the wall surfaces are clean, dry and free of foreign materials and sharp projections. Start from a corner attach PlastiSpan insulation to the basement wall using PL300, it’s a foam safe adhesive (there are other foam safe adhesives you can use. BUT make sure they say “foam safe”).

Step 2: Measure and cut the PlastiSpan to fit around windows. When cutting PlastiSpan insulation use a utility knife or fine tooth hand saw like a drywall saw to fit openings such as windows. You don’t need to wear gloves or a mask when cutting rigid insulation like you would with conventional fibreglass insulation.

Step 3: To create a vapour barrier, the PlastiSpan insulation should be tightly butted together. Joints should be no wider than 1 mm. You can ensure this by applying adhesive between the boards (or tape using tuck tape).

Step 4: Now to frame the wall, construct a separate wood framed wall and install it in front of the PlastiSpan insulation to support the ½” drywall. The vertical framing should be at least 2″X2″ and separated at either 16″ or 24″ on center.

Step 5: To attach the framed wall, fasten it to the upper floor joists and basement floor leaving a small gap between the PlastiSpan insulation and the framed wall. Electrical can be placed within the framed wall by running wiring behind the small gap behind the framing. You will need to use shallow electrical boxes.

Step 6: You can attach your drywall to your framed wall when this is complete.

Following these six simple steps for insulating your basement walls will help increase your energy savings and decrease your heating costs.

Want to see the video on this project? Check out How to Insulate Interior Basement Walls

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