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Halloween Decorations made easy with Plasti-Fab’s Handi-pac

October 18, 2017

It’s that time of year again when holiday decorations begin appearing everywhere from offices to schools to your home. Did you know you can make you OWN Halloween decorations with our handi-pac insulation? If you are setting out to create your spooky themed pieces, below is a step by step guide for working with our handi-pac foam (available at Home Depot).

What we recommend for supplies
Handi-pac, mask, gloves, safety glasses, utility knife, extra blades, paint, foam safe glue, and spray bottle of water

Safety Precautions
Just a few housekeeping best practices before we really get started…. Be sure to work in a well ventilated area (for your glue and paint), the EPS foam is safe and will not off gas any harmful chemicals. Wear protective eye wear and a dust mask when you are sanding. Use coveralls or an apron to protect your clothes. Protect the surfaces using a cutting board, an extra sheet of foam, drop sheets, etc. Always cut with the blade away from you. Supervise children.

Step by Step 
1. Create a paper template of the craft you want to make. For larger pieces, create the template for each portion and tape them together.

2. Use small pieces of masking tape to hold the template in place, then trace the outline of the drawing on to the foam with a soft, felt-tipped pen.

3. Cut the foam pieces using a sharp utility knife. Extend the blade length of the knife to the depth of the foam. Cut on a flat protected surface. Straight blades will provide a cleaner cut, where serated blades will be choppier and not as clean.

4. Smooth any rough or jagged edges with a sanding block or sand paper (fine to medium coarse) Finish your decoration using ONLY water-based paints or sprays (e.g. latex, acrylics)

Note: If you are creating a more complex decoration (like the headstones pictured) use a foam-safe glue/adhesive to assemble the parts of the decoration.

Check out our Arts and Crafts Pin on Pinterest for great Tips & Tricks when working with Plasti-Fab Handi-pac.

Show us your Halloween crafts made with handi-pac foam by tagging us on Instagram! @plastifabeps or #plastifabeps

Learn more about Handi-pac insulation at

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