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BONUS Feature: Holiday Decorations Made Easy with Plasti-Fab EPS

December 6, 2017

Yesterday we talked about making a winter wonderland with Plasti-Fab EPS, and as a follow up to that, today we will cover how to make some of the smaller decorations for the holidays. To save us time, reference How to Make a Winter Wonderland out of EPS Foam for the tips and tricks and the tools you need to complete your project. These are just a few examples of the types of things you can create with just a little foam.

Let’s get started….

Using Plasti-Fab EPS Handi-pac foam, create any word cutout to use as decoration.

Letter Cutouts

  1. To create cutout letters, start by laying a paper template over your sheet of foam. In this instance, we are going to use the word JOY. Trace your letters onto the EPS with a marker. The marker will show up the best, and since you will be painting the letters, it is okay if a little still shows once you cut them out.
  2. Cut out your letters with either your hot knife or utility knife. Since you will be cutting clean through the foam, make sure you have a safe work area that will not be damaged by the knife.
  3. Paint your letters with a non-oil base paint – acrylics work the best, and give you great coverage and vibrant color.
  4. After your paint has dried, apply any other decorative elements like buttons, ribbons glitter etc with foam-safe glue.
  5. Now you can finish this off either by leaving the letters separate and arranging them however you like, or you can attach them to a foam base using the glue or wooden dowels (depending on the height of your letters). This will keep your letters together to be displayed as one piece.
  6. Show off your decor!

3D Reindeer

You can also create 3D stand alone decorations with foam thanks to it’s rigid material properties. In this segment we will be going over how to make reindeer that stand in front of your fireplace or even greet guests at the door.

  1. Determine how you will assemble the pieces of your reindeer. Are you gluing/dowel connecting the pieces or will your pieces fit together with slots cut into the pieces to self-stand? Once you decide which method you would like to use, (we will be illustrating the first one) overlay paper templates onto the foam, tracing them onto the EPS with a marker.
  2. Using your hot knife or utility knife, cut out the template pieces. If you are not going to paint this piece, using a hot knife will provide a better edge, and more precise cutting so that none of the marker remains on the foam. You CAN sand the edges to create a smoother finish and remove any color remaining.
  3. Beginning with the legs, position them so they will stand level on a solid surface, and adhere them to the body using PL600 or small wooden dowels pressed into the foam. Keep in mind, glued legs will NOT move, and dowel legs will be more flexible.
  4. Finish the assembly with the antlers, glue being recommended here to make sure they do not move.
  5. Now you can embellish your reindeer with anything from garland to bows, paint, etc.
  6. And display!


The last thing we are going to create today is a snowman, that can sit either inside or outside. This particular project has no cutting, tracing, etc. Just some creative assembly.

  1. Purchase 3 box style coolers that are 3 different sizes.
  2. Stack, then glue the coolers together to create the base of your snowman
  3. Now you simply decorate them however you like!
  4. Insert arms with gloves, or adhere buttons to the front.
  5. Remember when drawing on the EPS, a sharpie or felt tip marker will show up the best.
  6. Add a scarf, hat, etc. and you are ready. Lightweight snowmen that won’t melt regardless of the temperature!

We hope you have enjoyed our mini series on crafts and decorations using our PlastiSpan insulation and handi-pac foam. Remember you can pick these up at your local Home Depot.

For more information on Plasti-Fab EPS Product Solutions, visit us at

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