The Roofing Recap – Roofing Insulation Solutions by Plasti-Fab

Since 1968, Plasti-Fab has provided Roofing Insulation Solutions to residential and commercial applications with Quality, Service and Expertise.

In today’s blog post, we provide a recap of previous articles which highlights the various solutions and links to the website:

built-up-roofingBuilt Up Roofing:
PlastiSpan®sloped or flat insulation board is used extensively as the
insulation component within built up roof assemblies. Built up roof
assemblies have been used commonly for many years, and are suitable for
new or maintenance requirements. Built up roof assemblies incorporating
PlastiSpan insulation board have been tested for compliance with
requirements for fire rated roof assemblies.

single-ply-roofingSingle Ply Roofing:
Various single ply roof assemblies incorporating PlastiSpan insulation board
have been tested for compliance with requirements for fire rated roof
assemblies. These roofing systems have many years of proven performance
in both new and maintenance roof construction.

sloped-roofingSloped Roofing Insulation:
PlastiSpan sloped roof insulation provides the required positive slope to
drain while retaining the structural and economic advantages provided by a
flat roof deck. PlastiSpan sloped insulation board can be used for new and
maintenance roofing projects of all sizes and is suitable for use with all
types of roofing systems. Because PlastiSpan sloped insulation board is
an expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, design thermal resistance
values provided are not subject to thermal drift.

standing-seamStanding Seam Roofing Insulation:
Metal standing seam roof systems incorporating PlastiSpan insulation
provide an energy efficient option for a wide range of applications. The
exterior metal surface can include a variety of profiles and colors to suit many
architectural requirements and the system offers the added advantage of
installation at any temperature.

modified-bitumenModified Bitumen Roofing:
Modified bitumen roofing systems used in Canada incorporating PlastiSpan
insulation board have been engineered to provide optimum performance
in Canada’s harsh climate. This type of system is suitable for either new or
maintenance roofing applications.

cathedral-ceilingCathedral Ceilings:
The roof area can be the area of highest heat loss in buildings. In order to
conserve energy and to make buildings more comfortable, building codes
stipulate higher thermal resistances (R-values) for the roof area compared
to other building components. On traditional cathedral ceilings where tongue and groove timber exposed on the inside is used as an architectural feature, PlastiSpan insulation board is ideal for both single and double layered applications.

flute-fillerFlute Filler Roofing:
Flute Filler acts as the void fill material designed to be installed over
pre-existing metal roofs providing a uniform and level substrate for the
new roof system. PlastiSpan Insulation is a moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation

In Summary:
As you can see, Plasti-Fab has insulation solutions for several various types of roofing applications. We would be happy to help you plan and design your next roofing project.

Give us a call or email today to talk to a roofing specialist.

Learn more about Plasti-Fab’s Roofing Solutions by visiting:

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  1. Really nice article about maintenance roof construction.Precisely explain roofing system which is helping in different matters related to roofing insulation solutions.

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