How to Make your Basement Cozy & Inviting with Plasti-Fab Insulation

How to Make Your Basement Feel Cozier with Plasti-Fab Insulation

Having a basement in your home always tends to be a bittersweet affair. It’s exciting and beneficial to have an underground space for cool activities, such as hosting guests, having a playroom for your kids, or maybe even building a home theater. However, there is also the frustrating task of renovating the basement to make it comfortable and inviting for those who see it. The dampness and chill of being underground, along with the lack of natural light, truly presents a challenge to many homeowners. Luckily, we have some interesting ideas that will help make your basement feel much more welcoming for your family and guests.

Interior Wall Insulation

Many times, basements feel uninviting and unattractive due to the physical chill and stuffiness that comes from being underground. Why not make it a lot more comfortable by insulating the interior basement walls? We recommend using our PlastiSpan EPS insulation or DuroFoam/DuroSpan insulation: it is easy to apply, and will keep your basement warm during the winter months and cool during the summer. Bonus: it eliminates thermal bridging in your walls, which reduces energy costs in your home and will save you a ton of money on your energy bills!

Heated Floor System

Have you ever heard of a radiant floor heating system? It is a type of insulation that goes underneath the concrete slab in your basement floor and will bring uniform heat distribution to the floor, making it noticeably warmer on your feet. Our PlastiSpan HD Hydronic Insulation is an excellent choice for a radiant floor heating system, as it provides moisture resistance, is available in various thicknesses, and is super energy efficient. No more cold feet!

Is your basement floor already poured, but you still want to achieve that cozy feel? You can insulate OVER your existing concrete floor using DuroSpan or DuroFoam insulation, and topped with plywood, install any type of flooring you desire in your basement!

Alternate Flooring Options

Many people believe that having carpet in their basement would make their underground space more comfortable and inviting. However, since basements are susceptible to moisture and have the constant potential to have flooding issues, carpet may not be the greatest option. We suggest using cork flooring as an alternate, as it is much softer and will add some warmth. If cork is not your cup of tea, laminate is also a fantastic option. It could bring some color to your underground space, especially if you layer some fun rugs over top of it!

Add Some Color!

Many people believe that, in order to make their basement seem brighter and more inviting, keeping their walls white is the best option. Not true! All-white walls can make your basement feel cold, and lacks personality. Adding some fun, bright colors to the walls, or even some warm, lighter hues, will definitely spruce up the space and make it feel much more comfortable. From there, you could add some color-contrasting accents to your décor and furniture, such as fun throw pillows or wall art, to incorporate some interest and style. The more personality you add to your basement, the more it will feel like home to you and your guests!

Lighten Up!

As mentioned before, basements lack a source of natural light, which makes them feel much colder and darker. To make your basement feel much more open, warm, and comfortable, we recommend spacing your lighting out and layering it. Track lighting is a fantastic option, as it can spread across your basement, making it feel much more spacious. Accent lighting, such as fun floor lamps or wall sconces, can definitely tie the lighting together by adding warmth and interest. Be sure to make sure each light works independently, so that you can adjust the brightness in your basement to your comfort level.


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