PFB Celebrates 50 Years of Quality, Service & Expertise

In the Beginning

In early 1968, February 15 to be exact, Dale Keller had an idea. As a seasoned insulation salesman, he rigged up a band saw to cut his first carload of EPS foam insulation, and Plasti-Fab was born. It was an unconventional start, but with heart, passion and drive to spare, he launched the very beginnings of an organization that 50 years later, has become the leading supplier of EPS to the industry.

While Dale Keller initially launched Plasti-Fab into existence, it was not without the help and support of some very key people, who along with Dale, saw the vision and the potential of EPS.

“We grew up together, these young men and I, and my story is their story. My success is their success. We shared the good times and the bad times. We fought off creditors and corporate raiders. We outworked our competition. We partied. We survived. We prospered.” – Dale Keller on the strength of the team who brought Plasti-Fab from a small garage operation, to the organization that is has become today.

From it’s inception in 1968 to today, Plasti-Fab has overcome obstacles that would have made other business throw in the towel.  From stiff competition, to multiple recessions, raw material shortages, and workforce challenges Plasti-Fab has persevered. An organization does not become a leader without experiencing hardships, and the way the company handled those challenges created a strong foundation for the way they do business today.

With a loyal and dedicated workforce, Plasti-Fab stands on it’s brand promise of Quality, Service & Expertise. Regardless of industry shifts, Plasti-Fab has stayed true to the values and principles of the business and kept their focus on customers needs, always willing to assist and improve on products as they listened to what their customers were asking for.

Plasti-Fab Through the Years

Quite a bit has happened in the last 50 years to make Plasti-Fab who they are today.

1968: Plasti-Fab Ltd. incorporated begins fabricating insulation in Calgary, Alberta
1971 Plasti-Fab continues its Calgary operations, and hires Bruce Carruthers as a plant employee
1972 Plasti-Fab expands its operations as they purchase their first block molding plant in Delta, B.C
1974 Plasti-Fab established a block molding plant in Calgary, AB
1977 A new block molding plant is purchased in Manitoba as operations expand
1981 Block molding plant established in Saskatoon, SK
1982 Aeonian Capital makes its initial investment in the Company
1986 Plasti-Fab is listed on Alberta & Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol PFB.
1987 Plasti-Fab established operations in Crossfield, AB through acquisistions.
1992 Bruce Carruthers is appointed President & General Manager of Plasti-Fab Ltd.
1993 Aeonian Capital acquires PFB’s major shares; C. Alan Smith appointed Chairman.
1994 Established operations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Ajax, Ontario
1995 PFB Corporation becomes the name of TSX listed company; ICF business begins.
1997 PFB pays first dividend; Technical Centre established at Crossfield, AB
2000 Plasti-Fab sells the Morval Division of the business
2003 PFB Corporation merged with Advantage Wall Systems and acquires Advantage ICF
2004 PFB acquires EnerGreen SIPs, Insulspan SIPs, & Riverbend Timber Framing, and establishes SIPs manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, BC and Blissfield, MI
2005 “Better Building Ideas from PFB” is launched to reflect the vertically integrated product strategy of Molecules to Mansions
2006 PFB commits to sustainability directives; launches
2008 Crossfield Plant 23 is built; existing facility becomes Plant 24 – Shape molding
2011 PFB purchases Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes in Boise, ID. Togther with Riverbend, operations, create the PFB Custom Homes Group
2012 PFB America Corp. is formed to include all US operations; Lebanon, OH block molding operation is purchased
2015 Lester Prarie, MN plant acquired, establishing shape & block molding operations

After 50 years of operations, PFB Corporation employs over 500 people, in 13 locations across North America, focused on social, environmental, and economic activities, selling integrated EPS product solutions to thousands of loyal customers.

Looking ahead

And what is their goal still to this day? To continue providing the very best in Quality, Service and Expertise; meet and exceed customer expectations, and continue to be a leader in the EPS industry.

Learn More

You can learn about the EPS product solutions and Better Building Ideas at these brands within the organization:

Plasti-Fab EPS Product Solutions:

Advantage ICF System:

Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels:

PFB Custom Homes Group:



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