Plasti-Fab Helps Manitoba Company Bring a Vision Founded on Good Food To Life

Plasti-Fab Products For an Energy Efficient Warehouse Store

For over 50 years, the four De Luca brothers have been paying homage to their family’s Italian heritage in the humblest of ways: food.

Founded in 1968 as a neighbourhood grocery store and restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the company has become a perfect example of entrepreneurial spirit.

The brothers are the province’s foremost purveyors of specialty Italian foods through their catering business, cooking studio, and, of course, grocery store and restaurant. They also operate a wholesale distribution business of private label products that ships to western and central Canada, the US Midwest and international customers.

When De Luca’s needed a new building to house their entire business operations, they envisioned an elegant, practical, dramatic design that would also welcome their catering, retail and restaurant customers in search of a taste of Italy.

From below the foundation to the roof, Plasti-Fab® would help the project manager deliver on that vision for the new home of De Luca’s.

Under slab insulation and Advantage ICF Block walls provide the perfect thermal envelope for this food storage warehouse

For Fred Peters, owner of Morris Build-All and the project manager, the only choice for external walls that reached 53 feet high was Plasti-Fab’s Advantage ICF System®. More energy efficient than conventional construction, it also has a sound transmission (STC) rating of 50+ for the fire separation wall between the mechanical and office area, making it quieter inside for customers and staff. The product’s unique tab alignments and interlocking capabilities allow for quick installation – a huge benefit for the contractors who worked in temperatures that reached -30C at one point.

Though Advantage ICF is energy efficient on its own (R23.3), adding Plasti-Fab’s Exterior PlastiSpan® Insulation over top provided superior efficiency. The one-inch, moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS) fits effortlessly over the Advantage ICF and boosted the R-rating to 27, making the De Luca building “about as energy efficient as you’re going to get” says Peters.

Keeping the ingredients that let De Luca’s capture that precious homemade taste at the right temperature is essential to quality not to mention a regulated requirement. To accomplish that, PlastiSpan® 25 insulation was used underslab for their cooler and freezer floors while providing the required higher compressive resistance for the entire 32,000 sq ft structure.

Due to Winnipeg’s poor soil conditions, a void space that is a minimum of 200 mm thick was specified by environmental and infrastructure consultants. GeoSpan® Compressible Fill was used below all piles caps and footings to accommodate movements of the underlying soil.

Finally, sealing the building envelope was PlastiSpan® roofing insulation. Says Corey Bourne, the Plasti-Fab sales rep who worked closely with Peters on the project, “Once Fred showed us the roof design we were able to quickly do a layout and supply PlastiSpan’s sloped roofing package.”

There were several benefits to using Plasti-Fab products throughout the entire building. Advantage ICF’s structural capabilities ensured the clean-lined, modern aesthetic could come to life, and the combined R-values kept the inside temperature comfortable no matter what Mother Nature offered outside.

“We’ve created a space that shows our passion for our Italian food and our customers.” – Marco De Luca

For Peters, there were other upsides to using Plasti-Fab, this time to him as the project manager. When it came to delivering product as needed, onsite, Plasti-Fab lived up to their excellent reputation for service. “We appreciated Corey was on site every week to provide his expertise.” Using one company also meant Peters had a one-stop shop which lessened project management headaches. But perhaps most importantly, he had a team of product experts at his side whose interest in the project matched his own.

From Bourne’s perspective, that’s exactly how it should be. “In the end, it’s about providing what the customer needs. And whether that customer is Fred, his customer the De Luca brothers – or their Italian food-loving customers – that’s most important to the Plasti-Fab team.”

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