Plasti-Fab Insulation for Freezers and Cold Storage

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to keep your freezer freezing or your cold storage cold? When you are trying to actively keep things like produce, meat, medical supplies, or food in general at a safe temperature, you want to ensure your freezer space is working just as hard as you are.

Historically, freezers and cold storage facilities burn through an amazing amount of energy to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the conditioned space. While the energy efficiency of the temperature units has improved over the years, why not make your building materials work hard for you as well? By using one of our many EPS rigid foam solutions, your thermal envelope will be more energy efficient, reducing both the strain on the cooling units AND your wallet.

PlastiSpan® insulation board is ideal for use in wall and roof assemblies used to enclose cold storage space for cooling and/or storing food, flowers, and other commodities at temperatures ranging from normal room temperature 20ºC (68ºF) down to cryogenic temperatures -100ºC (-148ºF). As the surface temperature decreases, the quality of construction and care required becomes more critical.

Learn how to use PlastiSpan Insulation in your next cold storage project in our Design Manual section: COLD STORAGE

PlastiSpan insulation is well suited for use as insulation of cold storage space because of its excellent thermal resistance, dimensional stability, chemical inertness and durability. As well, it is a plastic foam insulation with a closed cellular structure that provides low water vapour permeance and water absorption characteristics.

Keeping the ingredients that let De Luca’s capture that precious homemade taste at the right temperature is essential to quality not to mention a regulated requirement. To accomplish that, PlastiSpan® 25 insulation was used underslab for their cooler and freezer floors while providing the required higher compressive resistance for the entire 32,000 sq ft structure.

With the higher compressive resistance products available, PlastiSpan 20, 25, 30 and even 40 are well suited to your cold storage needs. Meeting and exceeding codes, PlastiSpan insulation, and EnerSpan insulation (Made with NEOPOR by BASF) provide a variety of energy efficient solutions for your cold storage project. Learn More about these products

PlastiSpan 20 | PlastiSpan 25 | PlastiSpan 30 | PlastiSpan 40

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