Better Building Ideas from the Ground Up

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Part 1: Below Grade Insulation Solutions

In this 3-part mini series we will be “building” an energy efficient home and featuring the insulation solutions that will provide the most effective thermal envelope. A well insulated home provides a comfortable living environment with affordable energy bills. Read on to learn about the importance of a well insulated foundation to start your home.

Every well insulated home starts at the slab. There are various options you can choose from to insulate below your slab, depending on what your project needs. If the goal is to simply insulate the floor, PlastiSpan under slab insulation is available in varying thicknesses to meet your R-value goals. Installation is simple, straightforward, and quick. Learn how to install PlastiSpan insulation under your slab by clicking on the image below.

PlastiSpan Insulation for under slab applications.

If the under slab insulation needs to do double duty, say radiant floor heating or be an element of a Radon Mitigation system, we can help with that too. At Plasti-Fab, we manufacture PlastiSpan HD Hydronic Insulation, complete with channels for the radiant floor heating tubes to snap into, again allowing for easy installation. With the PlastiSpan HD Hydronic Insulation, you can heat your basement floor, garage floor or even your driveway to alleviate snow and ice.

PlastiSpan HD Hydronic Insulation for Radiant Floors

In the last section for our under slab insulation discussion we are going to address Radon Mitigation. Radon Gas is a big deal, especially in geographic areas where Radon is quite prevalent. Codes now support the installation of mitigation systems in areas of concern. Older systems use a special rock, combined with insulation, special tapes, and venting systems to satisfy the mitigation requirements. Our product, Radon Guard™ Insulation is a specially molded system with channels on the underside of the foam insulation to collect the Radon gas and safely connect it to the venting system, thus removing the threat of Radon gas.

Radon Guard insulation is the code compliant one-to-one replacement
for a 100 mm thick layer of granular material, the prescriptive solution
required by building codes. 

Learn more about Radon Guard Insulation

Now that we have insulated under the basement slab with one or more of the products noted above, the last thing to address for the floor is going to be insulating above your basement floor. Another option for insulating your basement floor is to put your insulation over the top of the already poured floor. This is a great application for remodel or retrofit projects when you need to warm that floor up, making the basement space comfortable.

See these simple steps to insulate a basement floor with PlastiSpan or DuroFoam Insulation

PlastiSpan® or DuroFoam® insulation is a great, simple, easy to use product that will turn a basement into a comfortable living space in as little as 7 steps.

Today we have talked about a wide range of products that kick off our Better Building Ideas from the Ground Up series. Coming up next…. insulating your basement/foundation walls for energy savings!

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