Better Building Ideas from the Ground Up: Part 3 – Above Grade Walls

Welcome back to our mini series on building an energy efficient home! So far we have covered below grade insulation applications, and today we are moving to above grade walls and the insulation solutions for energy efficient homes.

You may have experienced a home where different rooms are different temperatures based on the way the home was insulated. Exterior sheathing insulation applied as continuous insulation over the walls of your home provides a thermal envelope for improved R-value and energy efficiency. At Plasti-Fab, we have a wide array of exterior sheathing insulation products to suit building codes and R-value requirements across North America.

While our product offering for the exterior sheathing insulation is wide, the installation method is fairly straightforward. To learn how to apply these products to a home, check out these 5 Simple Steps. Explore the images below to learn about the different products Plasti-Fab offers for this application.

Find out the features & benefits of using DuroSpan GPS Insulation
Find out the features & benefits of using DuroFoam/DuroSpan Insulation
Find out the features & benefits of using PlastiSpan Insulation
Find out the features & benefits of using EnerSpan Insulation

The other options we are covering today for energy efficient above grade walls fall under the building system category. Instead of being applied TO your walls, these insulation solutions ARE your walls.

The Advantage ICF System can be used for both below and above grade walls. The all-in-one system provides you with excellent insulating qualities, is easy to install, has an STC Rating of >50, and provides you with a minimum 3-hour fire rating for the 6″ walls. You can choose between a 6″ or 8″ wall thickness based on your wall height, R-value requirements, and general preference.

Check out the product lines available for the Advantage ICF System

The last energy efficient building system we will be talking about today is known as a Structural Insulated Panel System, or SIPs for short. Insulspan, an industry-leader in the manufacture of the SIP system, provides an energy efficient structural solution for above grade walls.

The Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) system consists of 
performance rated oriented strand board (OSB) structurally laminated to a 
core of insulation. Insulspan SIPs provides building owners with a proven 
method of constructing walls resulting in real energy cost savings while adding resale value to the building. Insulspan SIPs use closed-cell rigid EPS insulation cores which helps reduce air leakage and thermal bridging by providing a continuous layer of thermal insulation in both wall and roof assemblies.

Learn More about the Insulspan SIP System

So now we have a fully insulated home from the basement floor all the way to the top of the walls. All we have left to complete our thermal envelope is to put the roof on it! Stay tuned as we move on to roofing insulation for our last installment of Better Building Ideas from the Ground Up!

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