Better Building Ideas from the Ground Up: Part 4 – Roofing Insulation

When we started this mini series, we said it was a 3-parter. Turns out we had more to say! Fully insulating a home to provide the best thermal envelope adds a value that is counted not just in the dollars saved from energy bills each month. A well insulated home is comfortable, quiet, and secure, adding a peace of mind & value that cannot be measured in dollars.

So let’s get this thermal envelope wrapped up shall we?

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We are going to take a look at two different ways to finish off an energy efficient home with roofing insulation. The first is to apply EPS rigid foam to a conventionally framed roof. For this application we recommend DuroFoam Insulation, a closed cell-moisture resistant product that meets all building code requirements and is laminated on both sides. DuroFoam is easy to install and provides a cost-effective solution for your roofing insulation.

View the step by step guide to installing DuroFoam insulation for your roof

An additional solution to your roofing insulation needs is to use our EnerSpan insulation. EnerSpan is also a rigid foam solution, that is non-laminated. Since it is made with NEOPOR from BASF, it provides a higher R-value per inch, allowing you to use a thinner sheet for your roof. EnerSpan provides an R-value of R4.7 per inch, meets all building code requirements, and is installed the same way as the DuroFoam insulation noted above.

Learn about the features & benefits of EnerSpan Insulation with NEOPOR

While the rigid foam solutions mentioned above can be used in both new construction and remodeling/retrofit projects, the next and also last energy efficient roofing product we will cover is used mainly in new construction as it is a building system.

The Insulspan SIP System, made with PlastiSpan EPS foam and laminated structural grade oriented strand board is another way to complete your thermal envelope. The Insulspan SIP roof assembly contains less dimensional lumber than standard stick framed construction. This SIP System provides higher R-values than the wood-framed counterparts as there are significantly fewer thermal bridges. (Thermal bridges = potential heat loss)

Insulspan SIP roof panels are available in a range of thicknesses usually between 8″, 10″ and 12″ thick. Need more R-value but not the thickness? Insulspan also offers an Insulspan R-Plus series that is made with the EnerSpan Insulation containing NEOPOR. Below are the R-values for comparison.

Insulspan SIP System: 8 1/4″=R29.2 | 10 1/4″=R36.8 | 12 1/4″=R44.4
Insulspan R-PLUS SIP System: 8 1/4″=R35.9| 10 1/4″=R45.3 | 12 1/4″=R54.

Learn more about Insulspan SIP Roof Assemblies

We now have an energy efficient, better built home to last for generations. It’s a home with value. A home with quality. A home you can be proud hand down to future generations, with the peace of mind that the building materials will provide unparalleled safety, security, and efficiency for years to come.

Thank you for taking this journey with us as we built the Better Building Ideas House.

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