PlastiSpan Insulation: A Key Component in EIFS

Last week we talked about what Exterior Insulating Finish System are, and how they can be used in multiple types of construction methods. Today we are going to cover a key component of the system itself: the insulation.

EIFS provides many advantages that other exterior finishes and sidings do not.  Foremost is the superior energy efficiency and great design flexibility.  In fact, studies have shown that EIFS can reduce the air infiltration in a wall by as much as 55%, when compared to standard brick or wood construction. One should bear in mind that an EIFS system is a non-structural component of the wall.  In other words, it is not designed to be weight bearing.

However, let’s concentrate on the Insulation component of an EIFS system, which is provided by the PLASTISPAN EFS BOARD.

PlastiSpan EFS board is a moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board manufactured under a stringent quality control program that includes third party certification of material properties. Period styles or clean modern shapes can be produced for building facades by forming PlastiSpan EFS insulation into special shapes. Since PlastiSpan EFS insulation is lightweight, special features can be created without any additional structural load on the building.

Here you can see PlastiSpan EFS being used as a system component for the exterior finish of Sunridge Tire, in Calgary, Alberta.

EIFS manufacturers use PlastiSpan EFS insulation because it is flexible, resilient and permits some thermal expansion / contraction of the applied finish or building movement without cracking the exterior finish.

So what makes PlastiSpan EFS a good choice for EIFS? Our dedication to the quality of the product, the heat aging rooms in our facilities, and the high quality standards in manufacturing provide a high-quality end product EIFS manufacturers feel confident in using. For some additional technical information about the product, check out our resources below:

PlastiSpan EFS insulation does not rot or decay. In addition, PlastiSpan EFS insulation does not support the growth of fungi or bacterial growth. However it is important to remember that successful use of PlastiSpan EFS insulation, as with any product, depends upon its correct installation in accordance with good design practices. Always follow Exterior Insulation Finish Systems manufacturer’s instructions for the application of the PlastiSpan EFS insulation and adhesives.

You can learn more about PlastiSpan EPS for Exterior Insulation Finish System at

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