Indiana Department of Transportation chooses Plasti-Fab® EPS Geofoam for road improvements in LaPorte

Special Project Feature

Using Plasti-Fab geofoam, crews worked quickly to complete the road improvements.

Dramatic weather conditions experienced by much of the midwest region affect not only travel, but the integrity of the roadways themselves. This was the case for a stretch of highway near LaPorte, Indiana.

Instead of the annual road construction projects that are common in that area, the Indiana DOT decided to bring on a team of people to proactively rework the road with more than just dirt and concrete.

General Contractor Reith Reilly, paired with contractor Dyer Construction, Design Engineer American StructurePoint and Construction Engineer HW Lochner decided to take a different route for their SR 14 roadwork project.
The project team turned to Plasti-Fab, an EPS manufacturer of geofoam solutions to provide the specified product for the job. Working with the project engineers, Plasti-Fab designed the GeoSpec® EPS 22 to meet the needs of the road and soil conditions.

The first shipment of Plasti-Fab GeoSpec® arrived on the job site on August 14, and by August 24th, a mere 10 days later, 3,778 cubic yards of geofoam was installed and the project completed. GeoSpec® lightweight fill material is expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam used in ground fill applications where a lightweight fill material is required. EPS geofoam has been used in projects involving a wide variety of applications worldwide for over 50 years.

Learn more about Plasti-Fab’s geofoam solutions at

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