Better Building Ideas from the Ground up: Commercial Series

Welcome to our commercial construction series where we will essentially “build” a commercial structure with Plasti-Fab’s energy efficient EPS products. Over the course of the next month, we will begin with below grade applications and work our way all the way to the roof!

Below Grade Solutions

Every good structure starts with a good foundation. In our EPS product solutions for commercial construction series we will be covering below grade products for applications such as soil stabilization, compressible fill material, geotechnical requirements, high compressive resistant insulation, as well as below grade wall solutions. During our series, we will address multiple product solutions for the different type of below grade applications as Plasti-Fab manufactures multiple product solutions that can be used in your project.

Above Grade Wall Solutions

Depending on the type of commercial structure your project entails, there are multiple insulation solutions to choose from in order to suit the building needs. As a manufacturer of not just a wide variety of rigid foam options but also ICF block, insulation for EIFS, structural insulated panels (SIPs), and precast concrete tilt up walls, we will be addressing multiple types of above grade wall solutions in our series.

Roof Insulation

Lastly, we will finish up our series by completing the roof of our structure. Again, with varying options to choose from to create a highly efficient thermal envelope, this series will include roofing solutions such as PlastiSpan® sloped roofing insulation, Insulspan® SIPS, as well as rigid foam options for your commercial project.

At Plasti-Fab the success of our customers is important to us. We work with you throughout your commercial construction project to ensure the best customer service experience.

The Better Building Ideas Solution

We are excited to begin this series and share the EPS product solutions for a better built commercial building. Whether you are the owner who will be receiving the reduced energy bills due to the highly efficient structure, or the contractor who needs to complete the project in a short time frame, Plasti-Fab has insulation solutions to make your project a success.

About Plasti-Fab

Plasti-Fab’s mission is to provide its customers with expanded polystyrene (EPS) Product Solutions for constructing energy efficient buildings, floatation for marine construction, lightweight fill and compressible fill for Geotechnical construction projects, and component solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

With manufacturing locations all across Canada and the United States, we supply products that are code-listed in both the US and Canada, as well as GreenGuard® Gold certified, we help you reach your project goals through a variety of products.

Learn more about Plasti-Fab Commercial Solutions.

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