Plasti-Fab Commercial Construction Series – Better Building Below Grade

Last week we introduced our commercial series in EPS (expanded Polystyrene) product solutions, and this week we jump into the below grade products and applications. While all the building components & materials are important to a well insulated and energy efficient structure, it all starts with a good foundation.

Under slab insulation for energy efficiency and compressive resistance is key in commercial construction. Selection of which product you need under your slab is dependent on local building codes, loads calculated for the building, and energy requirements.

Check out our Step by Step Installation Sheet for installing EPS insulation under slab

PlastiSpan® EPS Insulation has multiple thicknesses, R-values and compressive resistance characteristics to help you meet those requirements. The closed cell structure of the EPS is resistant to moisture, eliminates thermal bridging, and maintains its R-value reducing overall energy costs of the building. Some of our under slab rigid insulation include:

PlastiSpan® HD Insulation: This is a type 2 insulation with 16 psi and an R-value of 4.04 per inch for Canada or R4.2 per inch in the US. PlastiSpan® HD is listed with CAN-ULC, CCMC 12425-L and ASTM C578. Learn More about this product: Canada | USA

PlastiSpan® 20 Insulation: PlastiSpan 20 insulation’s minimum compressive resistance of 140 kPa (20 psi) makes it ideal to insulate low temperature freezer floors or for use in other applications where moderate loads are expected. Learn more here!

PlastiSpan® 25 Insulation: Using PlastiSpan 25 insulation underslab provides 25 psi compressive resistance with 4.27 R-value per inch. PlastiSpan 25 meets code requirements and is easy to cut and install in commercial applications. Canada | USA

PlastiSpan® 30 Insulation: PlastiSpan® 30 Insulation: The closed cell structure of PlastiSpan 30 resists water absorption so it will retain its R-value even in applications where severe temperature differentials occur, making it a great under slab solution for commercial buildings. Learn More about this product: Canada | USA

PlastiSpan® 40 Insulation: High compressive resistance for geotechnical applications – Compressive Strength 40 psi, No thermal drift, Less than 2% water absorption Learn More about this product: Canada | USA

Using Radon Guard Insulation in your commercial building both insulates under slab and is a key component in a Radon Mitigation system.

With the need for Radon Mitigation systems on the rise, Plasti-Fab developed an insulation solution to both insulate under your slab while allowing Radon to move through the mitigation system and out of your structure. Radon Guard is a key component in a Radon mitigation system.
Radon Guard insulation is the code compliant one-to-one replacement for a 100 mm thick layer of granular material, the prescriptive solution required by building codes. Watch how to install Radon Guard Now.

The last area of below grade solutions we are covering today are geotechnical. Sometimes soil integrity is not ideal for a large commercial structure, or there may be other geotechnical requirements that need to be addressed in order to make the structure a success. In those instances, Plasti-Fab has two specific products: GeoVoid® Compressible Fill Material & GeoSpan® Compressible Fill material.

Learn about a school that used GeoVoid® Compressible Fill for soil stabilization

GeoVoid® and GeoSpan® are compressible fill material expanded polystyrene products designed to act as a compressible medium between swelling soils and structural elements. Unaffected By water, Engineered for your commercial construction needs, easily adaptable on site to meet dimensions.

Explore our Geotechnical Solutions today at:

Stay tuned for next week when we cover Commercial Construction – Energy Efficient Wall Solutions!

For More information on EPS Product Solutions for Commercial Construction check out Commercial Solutions on

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