Plasti-Fab® Commercial Construction Series – Above Grade Wall Solutions

Last week we covered what an energy efficient commercial building looks like below grade. Now we are continuing with our build as we move to the types of products and construction methods for the above grade walls. Our goal with this building is to ensure that we maintain an energy efficient thermal envelope for the highest performing structure.

Now that we have moved above-grade, the options available to builders and developers alike are much greater than below-grade. It is a good practice to always check with the local building codes prior to making your product selections for the project.  

Some key factors to consider when deciding on your construction materials include quality of materials, technical support during your build process, and job site labor shortages that are sweeping the industry. Because we are a vertically-integrated organization, we maintain quality throughout the manufacturing process. The products we are about to cover range in installation skill, but in general will help your project come together quickly, to meet your completion deadlines.

Energy efficient exterior walls saves on heating and cooling costs for your building.

The first wall system we are going to cover for a commercial building is the Advantage ICF System®. Our patented forming system provides 5 steps in 1: Structural strength, studding, vapour barrier, air barrier and external sheathing resulting in reduced construction time. Advantage ICF System makes your building energy efficient, quiet and comfortable. ICF construction is the fastest growing construction method for both full commercial and renovation projects. To learn more about how the Advantage ICF System can be used in your next commercial project: CLICK HERE

The Advantage ICF System is a good choice for commercial construction due to the R-values, STC ratings and height you can go with the block.

Another common construction method for insulated wall systems in commercial construction are Precast Concrete Tilt up wall panels. Precast concrete panels in walls and floors can be easily and economically insulated by incorporating Plasti-Fab PlastiSpan insulation into the panel at time of manufacture. The panel when placed provides a fully insulated finished wall or floor section. Learn More

Insulation sandwiched between concrete during the manufacturing provides a quick, easy installation of precast insulated walls.

We recently had an in depth blog series on our next exterior insulating wall system Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems also known as EIFS. PlastiSpan EFS insulation used in EIFS applications covers the outside of the building so that the structure is isolated from the wide temperature fluctuations of the climate. This reduces expansion and contraction of the structure and stabilizes interior temperatures. Learn More

EIFS provide an insulated, finished look for the exterior of commercial buildings. Many hotels and professional offices are finished using EIFS.

Before we talk about exterior insulating sheathing solutions, we are going to look at one more insulated building system that is a great solution for commercial construction: Insulspan® Structural Insulated Panels. Some of the benefits of building your commercial walls using the Insulspan SIP System include the increased efficiency of SIPS allows you to downsize your hvac requirements. You can span longer without the need for posts, allowing for an open floor plan. Varying thicknesses meet the specific building code requirements for your area easily. Use our RTA solution to easily repeat structures across the country, Meet energy codes in any location, without altering the design or materials. To learn more about how the Insulspan SIP System can help you achieve your energy efficient project goals, CLICK HERE.

Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) provide energy efficient wall solutions.

The last type of insulation solutions we will be covering today for above grade walls in commercial construction is exterior insulating sheathing, also known as continuous insulation. While we have many different options for exterior sheathing, we are going to highlight 3 main choices for commercial construction. These insulation solutions are easy to cut and install on site, lightweight and easy to handle, and are available in a variety of thicknesses to provide you with the R-values you need to achieve your energy ratings on your project.

DuroFoam® Exterior Sheathing: Use DuroFoam insulation for exterior sheathing for a continuous insulation solution on your next commercial construction project.  Laminated/branded product with thin film on both sides, Long term R-value 3.75/in., Closed cell insulation resists moisture, CCMC 12424-L Learn More

DuroFoam Insulation as Exterior Sheathing

EnerSpan® Exterior Sheathing – EnerSpan® is a moulded graphite expanded polystyrene (GPS) insulation with a silver- gray colour. Manufactured using Neopor® provided by BASF, a
graphite-enhanced raw material that reduces radiation heat transfer resulting in higher thermal resistance (R-value) of 4.7 per inch Learn More

EnerSpan® Insulation for exterior sheathing for commercial construction

DuroSpan® GPS Exterior Sheathing – Provides Continuous Insulation Required by Energy Codes. DuroSpan® GPS is manufactured using a graphite- enhanced expandable polystyrene (GPS) insulation with a thin film laminated to the top and bottom surfaces. Learn More

DuroSpan® GPS insulation for exterior sheathing

With so many options available for building energy efficient commercial buildings, it may be difficult to decide which building method is best for your project. We are happy to help! Contact us today and we can help you decide on the best solution for your project.

Stay tuned for next week when we put the roof on our commercial building!

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