Today4Tomorrow: Radon Action All Year Long with Radon Guard™ Insulation

These last few weeks we have been focusing on Radon Mitigation, what is Radon, and how it affects the environment within your home. Even though November is Radon Action Month in Canada, keeping homes healthy all year long is a goal we can all work towards.

Radon mitigation is only a portion of what makes a home healthy. GreenGuard certified building products paired with a tight thermal envelope go a long way in maintaining good air quality and healthy home.

While code requirements are always changing to bring about a higher level of building, staying ahead of the curve with your material selection is what Today4Tomorrow embodies. Regardless of the time of year you build (as in not just Radon Action Month) keeping the health of your home at the forefront of the planning stages will result in structure that everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable in for years to come.

Whether its renovating your existing home to tighten up that thermal envelope or building new with RRNC, Plasti-Fab has a variety of sustainable product solutions. To check out some of our EPS product solutions that will help you achieve the “Today4Tomorrow” project status, check out

Radon Resources:

Radon Guard Insulation

Radon Guard Brochure

Watch the Video on how to install Radon Guard™ Insulation

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