About Plasti-Fab

Plasti-Fab’s mission is to provide its customers with EPS Product Solutions for constructing energy efficient buildings, floatation for marine construction, lightweight fill and compressible fill for Geotechnical construction projects, and component solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Plasti-Fab is committed to delivering customers its brand promise of “Quality, Service and Expertise”. Recognized as a leader in the North American EPS industry, Plasti-Fab provides technical expertise to assist customers in making the right product choice for their applications. It is committed to continuously developing new products and applications.

The company is a recognized leader in the EPS industry in North America for providing specialist technical expertise to assist new and existing customers in making the right choice of products for their application.

It’s products perform extremely well in a multitude of applications, in a world that is becoming increasingly more conscious of the environmental health of our planet and the atmosphere surrounding it.

There are six manufacturing facilities across Canada servicing Building Supply Dealers, Big Box Retailers, Construction Specialty Distributors and Contractors. Behind every product is Plasti-Fab’s commitment to . quality, service and expertise.

Plasti-Fab is committed to developing new products and successfully launched DuroFoam Insulation; a tough, flexible, multipurpose EPS insulation board distributed in Eastern Canada.

50 Comments on “About Plasti-Fab

  1. On a different web site I saw your insulation material being used for a swim raft. What size board is used for the diving board?
    Dana Allen

    • Thank you for your interest in our products. Just to clarify the buoyancy material we show for one of the many applications of our product is only showing how to float a raft. This product is called DuroFloat and has a material encapsulating it to protect if from UV, petroleum products, etc… The diving board is made and supplied from a diving board supplier.

      Plasti-Fab looks forward to being of service.

  2. How do you do weeping tile on a stepped footing? diagram would be nice!

  3. I am insulating my basement. I do live in canada where it is very cold during winter. I have applied 2″ plastispan to the interior walls with adhesive. then I installed 5/8″ plastispan overtop overlapping all the joints. I spray foamed upper and lower seams. I then framed infront of the foam and installed r14 roxul. i am wondering if i require vapour barrier under the drywall or will i be creating a vapor lock by doing this.

  4. I am insulating my garage, (which is very old) and was wondering, can I use this product for the walls and ceiling? and does it have to be covered after.

    • Yes you can absolutely use DuroFoam or any other Plasti-Fab product to insulate your walls and ceiling. PL300 or PL Premium are great glues to use with the foam. They are both foam safe. To meet National Building Code you do need to cover any exposed rigid insulation after you use it. You can see how to install our products in some of our previous blogs on Insulating Your Garage, Cathedral Ceiling Insulation, and more.

  5. Can I or should I use the 1 inch Durafoam on the inside basement walls before putting up the wall studs and insulation and a vapour barrier?

    • DuroFoam insulation can be installed direct to the basement wall without the need for a separate moisture protection (see Plasti-Fab PIB 275). Starting from a corner, attach insulation boards to the basement wall using an adhesive compat-ible with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. Here is a how to page on the process to install DuroFoam on the interior of your basement walls. http://www.plastifab.com/how-to/application-sheets/Interior%20Basement%20Wall%20Insulation%20DuroFoam.pdf

      • That instructional page could only apply in the USA and in warmer climates. In northern Canada, we need to add extra insulation. Please post an answer to Andy’s question that is relevant to home builders in northern Canada. After installing plastifab and then framing a wall with roxul insulation, should there be a vapour barrier or not?

  6. The DuraFoam does not have enough of an insulation rating, therefore, I still need to use other wall insulation i.e. 3.5″ batting. So if I build a 2×4 wall outside of the DuraFoam, leave a small gap and put in insulation batts, do I still need a vapor barrier?

  7. Can your product be used for SBS(flame sealed modified bitumen) roofing as an insulation?


  8. Do you make a garage door insulation kit.I cannot get this product in Canada .thanks

    • Hello,
      One of the main applications that our product can be used for is the insulation of garage walls. You can purchase our product right off the shelves in Home Depot! Look for the name DuroFoam®, DuroFoam® Plus or handi-pac™ Rigid Insulation board. Installation is a snap. Simply select the thickness of insulation you would like based on the R-value you are going for, cut the board to size and install. (The handi-pacs are pre-cut to size pieces for an even easier installation) All these products can be found in Canadian Home Depot Stores.

    • Hello Willy, The 6 inch core Advantage ICF System blocks starting from the corner have web spacing 8” on center and the 8” core blocks have a web at 6” on center. These can be used to anchor the fastener for the baseboard. The webs run vertically from top of floor to top of wall and the drywall will be attached to the with drywall screws. Air nail the baseboards at the same vertical location. Hope that helps!

  9. Similar question to Chris

    I am insulating my basement.
    I live in Ontario, canada.
    I have 1.5″ Durofoam glued to the exterior wall around the perimeter, used Tucktape to seal the joints. I then framed infront of the durofoam and installed r14 roxul.

    My city inspector is unfamiliar with your product and advised me to add a vapour barrier overtop of the R14 roxul and under the drywall.
    I believe this will create a vapour lock problem. Can you confirm or point me to a technical document.


    • Hi Tim,

      Canadian Code requires that a moisture barrier be applied to the interior of concrete foundation walls because excess water from cast-in-place concrete and ground moisture tends to migrate toward interior spaces and damage interior moisture-susceptible materials, such as finishes or wood members in contact with the foundation wall. Where DuroFoam insulation is the sole insulation and functions as both moisture protection for interior finishes as well as a vapour barrier in accordance with Subsection 9.25.4., it can be applied over the entire interior surface of the foundation wall.

      The Code requirements become a little more complicated if additional insulation is installed in a frame wall cavity in front of the DuroFoam insulation. In this case, a separate vapour barrier would be required with two options for installation of the DuroFoam insulation:
      1. DuroFoam insulation on the interior surface of the foundation wall can be installed extending from the underside of the interior finish up the face of the wall to a point just above the level of the ground outside.
      2. If DuroFoam insulation is installed full height on the interior surface of the foundation wall interior, the portion of the wall that is above grade must meet the requirements for ratio of outboard to inboard insulation that would be applicable to a wall with continuous exterior insulation in an application such as exterior insulation.

      Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.

      • There seems to be a massive disconnect in regards to basement insulating with rigid insulation panels and batts and vapor barrier. Currently I plan to remove fiberglass wrap from the top 4′ of my walls (unfinished basement) to install durofoam full height and like others plan to frame and add Roxul batts. I’ve looked all over and read numerous articles on the issue–many of which site the OBC and table you referenced above. It’s as if no one is willing to commit to any one approach though.

        My application is on a concrete foundation, above ground I have nothing more than a moisture barrier on the concrete exterior. If 1.5″ durofoam is installed full height, air gap, framing & roxul batts, is a vapor barrier required before fastening gwb?

        Where the foundation is parallel to joists I can run the durofoam up to the sub floor or joists. What is acceptable when installing from slab up to joists perpendicular? Currently these voids are filled with fiberglass batts and previously had the wall wrap notched so that the vapor barrier carried up and into each cavity.

      • Mr. Taylor,
        I believe the answer to your questions is provided in Plasti-Fab Product Information Bulletin No. 275, which can be found HERE.
        Refer to pages 5 and 6 of the bulletin for a description of requirements.
        James Whalen, P. Eng.| Technical Marketing Manager

  10. Can Plastispan be used under ground as an insulator for water lines? That is to say, cad it be buried without risk of the board taking on water?

    • Hi Brent,

      We apologize for not getting back to you sooner. With regards to your question, yes absolutely. PlastiSpan can be used as pipe insulation.

  11. Hi when using your sip panels to enclose a timber frame home , is a 6mil poly vapour barrier required in Ontario?

    • Hello! It is not required. But would be used on the roof if the T&G was pre-applied to the timberframe and seam seal tape could not be used.

  12. Hi there
    I live in canada and I am planning on insulating my cold cellar (cold room) to use it as a heated space in the basement.
    I’m planning on purchasing the 2″ durofoam product and glueing it directly to the concrete then glueing osb to the front of the durofoam product to have something to fasten to.
    My question is do I need a vapour barrier between the osb and the durofoam ?
    And should I attach the silver side or the green side to the concrete walls ?

    • Hello Shawn, The question regarding vapour barrier requirements can be found in full on out Product Information Bulletin #275. The proposal to glue OSB to the face of the insulation as the interior finish would not meet Code requirements as OSB glued to EPS does meet requirement for thermal barrier protection on foam plastic insulation. The required thermal barrier is a minimum ½” gypsum board attached through the insulation to the concrete. Alternatively, you can build a light frame wall in front of the insulation as described in PIB 275 and attach the thermal barrier to that.

  13. Looking for guidance choosing thickness of durofoam

    I plan to convert a cement cold cellar to a finished heated room.
    Location: Ontario Canada.

    My plan is use glue the durofoam to cement walls and ceiling. Then I plan to frame with treated 2×4 studs, finish with 1/2 mould resistant dry wall.

    It appears you offer a range of durofoam thickness sizes from 3/4″ to 2″. Are all thickness rated for use as a vapour barrier and insulator?

    Thank you 🙂

  14. It appears you offer a range of durofoam thickness sizes from 3/4″ to 2″. Are all thickness rated for use as a vapour barrier and insulator?

    • All DuroFoam insulation is rated for thermal resistance. The film on the DuroFoam is the primary control with regard to the vapour permeance. Therefore, all thicknesses of DuroFoam insulation have a vapour permeance less than 1 perm (60 ng/pa*s*m2) which is less than the maximum vapour permeance for a vapour barrier. Since continuity is required for a vapour barrier system, this must be considered as weak.

  15. Hey there was planning on reuseing the thin green plastic sheeting that covers the esp board on my green house Is this material sun uv resistant

  16. Hello Devon, That film material is not UV resistant, so I would not recommend using it for that application.

  17. I am cladding an exterior wall. Can i use 1/4 in OSB under a layer of Green Durofoam? Will there be any performance issues between the two layers in close contact. I will then add furring strips and attach vinyl siding.

  18. Hello Mark, there should be no issues with you using the sheeting before you apply the DuroFoam. The furring strips will be good to add for a rainscreen, but are not required.

  19. Do you recycle packing polystyrene? I have a large cartonfull.
    If so, at what location(s) times in Lebanon OH? elsewhere?
    Mel Maron

  20. Can I just attach the 4×8 sheets of Durofoam direct over the studs in my garage? Would save me on getting the pink stuff for between the studs

    • Hello Warren, Yes, you can simply attach the DuroFoam right over your studs. Make sure your seams are tight, otherwise, its as simple as that!

  21. is durofoam fire safe? The ceiling of my garage is made of exposed durofoam sheets but I’ve heard that polystyrene is highly flammable

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  23. Hi
    I am building a 16 by 10 shed. Normally for the walls I would use 2 x 4 studs, then 1/2 in plywood then cover with wood clapboard. Am I reading the diagrams correctly? Can I not use the 1/2 inch plywood and use Durofoam sheets instead?

  24. I live in Front Royal, Virginia (USA). Can I purchase your product locally? Where???

    • Hello George, We have a manufacturing location close to you! Give us a call at 1-888-446-5377 and a team member can help you with your request.

  25. When installing the initial vertical rebars from transition from slab to wall, is it a good idea to use a product like Steelmate to hold and align the rebars. Seems like a good idea if you like your work to be perfect. This is there website and I saw them at woc 2020. http://www.steelmate.com

  26. I,m curious does 3/4″ DuroFoam reflect light and heat. I’m considering constructing an enclosed greenhouse with LED grow lights as a primary light source for the plants. The primary heat and air flow will be a heat pump and air exchange. Can these panels reflect the LED grow lights to improve the plant growth and maintain a consistent temperature exposed on foil side with a heat pump.

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