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Plasti-Fab EPS Product Solutions Commercial Construction Series Wrap Up

For those of you who have been following along with our blog series, you know that we have covered insulation solutions and insulated building components for Commercial Construction. The end result provides a fully insulated, high performing, energy efficient commercial structure. Not only is…

Rebar Explained – A Comprehensive Guide to Rebar in ICFs

Compared to conventional foundation walls, ICFs require more rebar.  However you can have a 6” thick concrete wall with ICF opposed to an 8” conventional foundation wall in most cases.  Therefore the extra rebar can save you 2” of concrete throughout your foundation walls….

Plasti-Fab® Commercial Construction Series – Above Grade Wall Solutions

Last week we covered what an energy efficient commercial building looks like below grade. Now we are continuing with our build as we move to the types of products and construction methods for the above grade walls. Our goal with this building is to…

Better Building Ideas from the Ground up: Commercial Series

Welcome to our commercial construction series where we will essentially “build” a commercial structure with Plasti-Fab’s energy efficient EPS products. Over the course of the next month, we will begin with below grade applications and work our way all the way to the roof!…

How to Stay on Schedule Whatever the Weather with Advantage ICFs from Plasti-Fab

Don’t let the weather dictate your construction schedule. Stay on track with the Advantage ICF System.

Better Building Ideas from the Ground Up: Part 3 – Above Grade Walls

Welcome back to our mini series on building an energy efficient home! So far we have covered below grade insulation applications, and today we are moving to above grade walls and the insulation solutions for energy efficient homes.

Plasti-Fab Helps Manitoba Company Bring a Vision Founded on Good Food To Life

Plasti-Fab products help bring a Manitoba business’ vision to life with energy efficient products and thermal envelope solutions to meet their business needs.