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The Importance of a Vapor Barrier for Below-Grade Insulation Applications

Moisture moves all the time. Whether you are in an older home that you are remodeling, or building a brand new home from scratch, moisture management needs to be on your checklist of “Things to Do.” In the “Rules of Building Performance” from Construction Instruction, Rule #2 is that moisture moves from warm to cold, followed by Rule #3, that moisture moves from more to less. The concept to remember here is that moisture is always moving.

Thankfully, the solution to this is known as a vapor barrier. Vapor barriers keep moisture away from the building material you are trying to keep dry.  Building materials are going to wick moisture, some more than others, but all will to some extent. By keeping your building materials dry, you prolong their life and maintain the efficiency of the task you installed them to do. While Plasti-Fab EPS is a closed cell insulation, a vapor barrier is still recommended based on local building codes to protect it from the elements. Let’s look at a few installation examples using Plasti-Fab’s EPS Insulation. 

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