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The Great Debate: EPS vs. XPS for below-grade applications

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation has been used successfully as a below-grade insulation product for over 50 years. Today we are finishing up our below grade series with some technical information and testing results of how EPS performs in below-grade situations as compared to XPS….

The Dirt on Under slab and Perimeter Insulation Part 1

We are about to spend the next few weeks covered in dirt. That’s right – throw on your work boots and join us as we take you through the world of insulating below grade with under slab and perimeter insulation. Last week we talked…

What Experts are Saying about Exterior Foundation Insulation

The emphasis on a complete thermal envelope for a structure is a popular topic for both contractors and the homeowners who will live in them. While the concept of insulating above grade walls, roofs, selecting the proper windows and doors are all well discussed…

Indiana Department of Transportation chooses Plasti-FabĀ® EPS Geofoam for road improvements in LaPorte

When dramatic weather changes created poor road conditions, the Indiana DOT decided to bring on a team of people to proactively rework the road with more than just dirt and concrete.

The Foam Under our Feet – How Plasti-Fab EPS is used in Ice Rinks

Winter has officially arrived! Cold weather, mittens, scarves, etc. It’s all part of the season. However,  it’s still good to know that during this season there are several recreational activities available to enjoy with family and friends, including the popular ones like ice skating,…

Wrapping Up Radon Awareness Month with Plasti-Fab

As November begins to draw to a close, we want to touch on some final points about Radon mitigation and healthy homes and buildings. In our previous blog, we covered the dangers of Radon, and the importance of a Radon mitigation system, the key components of the system and how it is part of the Holmes Approved Product list.

Upscale Living with Superior Soundproofing at a Competitive Price with Advantage ICF

Villagio, Kensington – Calgary, Alberta That the Villagio multi-family condominiums in Calgary were constructed with bricks salvaged from a former heritage building is only part of its appeal. The mansard roofs and 10ft. high ceilings, reminiscent of beautiful designs found in Old Montreal or…