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ICF Products by Plasti-Fab – An EPS Solution

May 29, 2017

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Make Yourself Comfortable with EPS Insulation from Plasti-Fab

May 26, 2017

Plasti-Fabfamily-timeIn the insulation industry we talk a lot about comfort and ways that you can have a more comfortable home by using our products as energy efficient solutions. What does comfort really mean? Not so much to us, but to YOU. What defines YOUR comfort?


For some, it is a warm home where you and your family can relax. For others, it’s a healthy home, where you don’t have to worry about harmful air pollutants. Or maybe it’s the safety of your home; trusting that the structure you have built is secure and strong against man AND nature. Whatever defines comfort for you, make it a priority, and find the insulation solutions that will help you achieve your comfort goals.

There are many EPS insulation products available that will help you reach your goals for your home, but knowing the right one for you may be a daunting task. While Plasti-Fab has a whole line of varying insulation options that are solutions to many applications, our strongest contribution is the service we give and the expertise we employ to help you find your right solution.

So whether your comfort stems from knowing your home is wrapped in a layer of insulation that keeps the cold out and the heat in (PlastiSpan & DuroFoam Insulations), or you breathe easier knowing dangerous gases are being trapped and removed before they can enter your home (Radon Guard™ Insulation), or if you simply want to know your family is protected from the elements outside (Insulspan SIPS, Advantage ICFS), give us a call…we can help.

Visit for more information on using EPS Insulation or any of our building systems in your project.

The Sustainable Promise of PFB – A look inside the world of Molecules to Mansions

May 25, 2017

What does it mean to make a sustainable promise? Does it mean the employees toss their coffee cups into recycling and not the trash? Or that we all ride our bikes to work to save energy? Or how about low flow toilets and energy efficient light bulbs? While all these things are associated with sustainability on different levels that is not entirely what PFB Corporation means when they make a sustainability promise.

Instead, our sustainable promise is to you, to communities, to our employees and to our stakeholders that we will continually strive to improve our sustainability in practice, products, and production. “Better Building Ideas from PFB” are insulation materials that enable our customers and building owners to reduce consumption of scarce natural resources, reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and reduce waste at building sites. With a vertically integrated line of products that begins with the smallest of bead (expanded polystyrene) progressing all the way through insulation products to beautifully crafted timber frames, we maintain our focus on the sustainability of not just what we make, but how we make it.

It is our policy to measure improvements in reducing the impact of our activities on the basis of economic, environmental and social factors and to report improvements to our stakeholders on an annual basis. In our efforts to continually report and improve on our sustainability initiatives we publish our yearly sustainability numbers for all to see. We identify areas that have been improved, and areas for consideration for further improvement.

We value and celebrate the awards our people and our products have received, as it is our goal to provide leadership to our industry in sustainability.

PFB is associated with multiple energy efficiency and green certification programs, such as The EPS Industry Alliance, The Greengard Certification program, and BullFrog Power and many more.

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The Power of Geofoam – A case study on the use of Plasti-Fab GeoFoam for Soil Stabilization

May 12, 2017

Check out the video or read the transcript below to learn how Geofoam EPS was an integral soil stabilization solution for an Elementary school.

In 2000, the elementary school in isolated Attawapiskat first Nations communities of northern Ontario was closed due to unsafe conditions. despite numerous promises to build a new school it took over a decade before funding is finally authorized. ground was finally broken on the new 19,056 ft.² Attawapiskat elementary school April 2012.

Built to provide a safe and permanent new school for over 500 students will also serve as a community facility and flooded evacuation point in the surrounding area. To facilitate this, design team at PB architects was required to elevate the school roughly 8 feet above the unstable soil conditions of the floodplain.

However the short construction deadline meant it wouldn’t be enough time for the soil to settle, so the architects turned to Plasti-Fab geospan expanded polystyrene EPS Geofoam as the structural lightweight solution.

Geospec reduces the load on underlying soils which would minimize the amount of settlement and stabilizing needed for the schools built up foundation.

It is 20 to 30 times lighter than other alternatives, a critical factor because of the distance the materials needed to be transported by barge.

Taking out approximately a foot of soil they added gravel and sand, and added about 4 feet of Geospec. More sand and gravel and finished it with a concrete slab.

The ease of installation accompanied without the use of heaven earth handling equipment sped up the extremely tight construction schedule and was an integral part of the fast and solid construction of the Attawapiskat First Nation school.

To learn more about Geofoam and it’s applications, visit Geofoam Solutions on

What does the Advantage ICF system have to offer – Products by Plasti-Fab

May 10, 2017

In a recent launch of the new web site, a new section of the web site was developed to help you get a better sense of our ICF block product line.If you don’t have time to browse the section one click at a time, take a minute to watch the product offering video below. The Advantage ICF System has many products to meet your construction needs for applications such as residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and more. Included in the video is product dimensions and code listings too!

You can always check out more of the products on the web site, and even download the AutoCAD files to use right in your specs!

How to attach Drywall (Gypsum board) to your Advantage ICF Walls

May 9, 2017

Watch the video or read below to learn how to easily apply drywall (gypsum board) to your Advantage ICF Walls

After the electrical details have been inspected and wire runs have been filled with low expansion foam, the Advantage ICF Wall is ready for drywall.

Before you begin, be sure to consult your Local building codes.

It is important to remember the web flanges on the Advantage ICF system’s 6 inch concrete core product lines are 8 inches on center. The Advantage ICF system 8 inch concrete core product line has flanges that are 6 inches on center.

The flanges are one and a half inches wide, the same dimension as lumber studs, and 14 1/4 inches long centered vertically in the block. They are kept aligned with two tabs at the top and two grooves at the bottom of the block.

The center of the flange is marked by a relief line that runs vertically between the tabs, and grooves.

Begin by applying adhesive to the surface of the ICF block. Press drywall into place and screw through the drywall into the aligned flanges of the Webs that are embedded in the ICF block.

Cut out window and service openings as shown. Remember the webs are recessed under the EPS 3/8 of an inch, and in order for the screws to penetrate the half-inch drywall and the 3/8 inch EPS foam, we recommend using1 5/8 type S fine threaded drywall screws.

If you would like to know more about the advantage ICF system, visit our frequently asked questions page on

New Advantage website helps visitors achieve their project goals

May 4, 2017

The newly-revamped Advantage website offer features that assist visitors with achieving their project objectives.

Some features to check out:

1. Start My Project for Homeowners
As a homeowner, you can submit your information under the Start My Project section, giving the sales team an opportunity to provide a free estimate in no time! Click Start My Project here to find out more.



2. Product details & AutoCad Files
Get more information on the available products found on the Advantage Products section, such as product dimensions and specifications. The product pages also have the option to have access to a product’s AutoCAD file.



3. Advantage ICF University

Developed as a venue where ICF industry professionals can share their knowledge and expertise, Advantage ICF University is a seminar which is setup on a hands-on, how-to and open-style approach. Download the Advantage ICF University brochure to learn more.

Other site features include a videos page, a blog, interactive “how stuff works” which provide an interactive and user-friendly experience for visitors, along with a product carousel that gives an interactive all-access layout on the Advantage ICF products available.


Internal launch campaign
We would like to send out our Congratulations to Kajsa from our Crossfield facility for winning the Internal Launch Campaign! Pictured here is Greg Doren (Advantage ICF System Brand Manager), Kajsa, and Ed Djonlich (Alberta Sales Manager for Plasti-Fab).



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The Advantage ICF System is an insulated concrete forming product manufactured by Plasti-Fab EPS Product Solutions. Two molded expanded polystyrene forms are held together by engineered webs for stability, security, and energy efficiency to create walls, foundations, and frost walls for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.