EPS or GPS for Insulated Roofing Applications – How Do You Choose?

When you embark on a roofing project, there are many layers (literally) to your project. Selecting the right insulation to meet your goals is one of them. So when you evaluate the type of insulation you require, it is important to measure what matters….

Exterior Insulation Sheathing Solutions that Save you Money

Welcome to the new year! We would like to kick off the year with a conversation about exterior sheathing insulation, and the cost savings associated with insulating your home. Whether you are retrofitting, remodeling or building new, the insulation you select for your project is paramount to a well functioning thermal envelope.

Plasti-Fab Launches Graphite-Enhanced EPS Product Solutions

EnerSpan™ Insulation: Boosting your R-value with premium insulation With a lot of EPS products available on the market today, Plasti-Fab decided to develop a product that uses graphite in the EPS bead to enhance the performance of the EPS, and pass the benefit on to…

Insulspan® R-PLUS SIP System for Higher R-value SIPS

SIPS are cool. Where else can you get an entire insulated wall or roof system that just drops into place like a puzzle, and by the time you are done you have an entire thermal envelope ready for finishes? As great as they are,…