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Rebar Explained – A Comprehensive Guide to Rebar in ICFs

Compared to conventional foundation walls, ICFs require more rebar.  However you can have a 6” thick concrete wall with ICF opposed to an 8” conventional foundation wall in most cases.  Therefore the extra rebar can save you 2” of concrete throughout your foundation walls….

How to Stay on Schedule Whatever the Weather with Advantage ICFs from Plasti-Fab

Don’t let the weather dictate your construction schedule. Stay on track with the Advantage ICF System.

How to attach Drywall (Gypsum board) to your Advantage ICF Walls

Watch the video or read below to learn how to easily apply drywall (gypsum board) to your Advantage ICF Walls After the electrical details have been inspected and wire runs have been filled with low expansion foam, the Advantage ICF Wall is ready for…

Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather with Advantage ICFs

Living in Canada, a question I frequently get asked is “how cold of temperatures can I pour concrete into ICF blocks?” Concrete construction during cold weather conditions requires special consideration to ensure that the concrete achieves the desired strength prior to freezing. Conventional concrete…

Homeowner creates hurricane-resistant home with Advantage ICF System®

Advantage ICF System®  – Seabrook Island, South Carolina, USA A little over a year ago we published this article on a homeowner who used our Advantage ICF System to build their home for not just the energy efficiency aspect, but also the strength and…

Bracing & Scaffolding for Advantage ICF Projects

What Types of bracing/scaffolding are available for my ICF project First of all what are bracing/scaffolding systems and what are they used for? These systems support the wall and allow people to work off the ground to reach higher up the walls. They also…

7 Reasons Why Building with the Advantage ICF System Is the Way To Go

Any builder knows setting up concrete forms for a residential basement application can be a tedious and time consuming process. Not only that, once the foundation walls have been poured, you have to go back and take all those forms off the poured wall….