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Plasti-Fab Commercial Construction Series – Insulated Roofing Solutions

As we move into the final stages of building and insulating our commercial building, let’s take a look at what we have this far. First, the below grade insulation solutions created an excellent, energy-efficient foundation for the building. Then we moved on to the…

EPS vs XPS: The Facts Behind the Foam

DESIGNERS, SPECIFIERS, BUILDERS, AND DEVELOPERS HAVE EVER-CHANGING NEEDS. Plasti-Fab EPS insulation meets those needs better than other solutions for a number of reasons. For 50 years Plasti-Fab has been the supplier of choice for expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation product solutions. In those years, we have learned a thing or two about what works for various types of building products applications from residential and commercial construction, geotechnical applications, and so much more.

Plasti-Fab GeoSpec® saves unstable slope along South Saskatchewan River

Plasti-Fab GeoSpec® saves unstable slope along South Saskatchewan River Three years ago, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan city officials discovered cracking in the pavement of the Saskatchewan Crescent roadway at the intersection of 17th Street East, a well-known thoroughfare that follows the South Saskatchewan River through the…

FEatured Projects using PLASTI-FAB GeoFoam Solutions

EPS geofoam is inherently multi-functional, which makes it effective to use in a wide variety of applications. It offers special advantages for construction on soft ground, slope stabilization and retaining walls. EPS geofoam has been used in road and airfield pavements and railway tracksystems, beneath refrigerated storage buildings, sports arenas and storage tanks to prevent ground freezing and heaving and in below-ground building segments to reduce seasonal heating and cooling requirements.

The Power of Geofoam – A case study on the use of Plasti-Fab GeoFoam for Soil Stabilization

Geospec reduces the load on underlying soils which would minimize the amount of settlement and stabilizing needed for the schools built up foundation. Read on to learn how Plasti-Fab geofoam was used to stabilize the soils beneath this school.

Indiana Department of Transportation chooses Plasti-Fab® EPS Geofoam for road improvements in LaPorte

When dramatic weather changes created poor road conditions, the Indiana DOT decided to bring on a team of people to proactively rework the road with more than just dirt and concrete.

Achieving Energy-Efficiency & Code Compliance with Under Slab Insulation

Under slab insulation serves two purposes in commercial construction. Not only does it allow you to meet the codes for compressive resistance, but it also insulates your space for a more efficient structure. With products that range from 10 all the way to 60…

Unique Uses for EPS: Part 4 – Movie Sets, Props & More

Today we wrap up our Unique Uses for EPS Series with a sneak peek inside movie magic. Without giving away any of Hollywood’s secrets, it’s safe to say that Plasti-Fab provides EPS material to movie sets and plays for everything from set design to…

Radon Resistant New Construction: What is it and why it is important?

With the concept of Today4Tomorrow being the key theme of this year’s Radon Action Month, the construction method of building Radon Resistance New Construction (RRNC) is key to this program’s success. In short, when you build a home today with Radon mitigation as part…

Radon Guard™ Insulation: Helping achieve “Today4Tomorrow” in the fight against Radon Gas

Plasti-Fab provides Radon Guard™ insulation for Radon Mitigation as Radon Awareness month is in full swing!