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Who Uses Exterior Insulating Sheathing & Why is it Important?

The correct answer is, people who are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and save on energy costs, and truly, who DOESN’T want that? People are continually looking at different ways to increase their energy efficiency and decrease their energy costs….

Exterior Insulation Sheathing Solutions that Save you Money

Welcome to the new year! We would like to kick off the year with a conversation about exterior sheathing insulation, and the cost savings associated with insulating your home. Whether you are retrofitting, remodeling or building new, the insulation you select for your project is paramount to a well functioning thermal envelope.

How to Insulate Interior Basement Walls using PlastiSpan Rigid Foam Insulation

Make your basement space work for you by insulating the walls with PlastiSpan® rigid foam insulation. It’s quick, easy, and provides you with the most cost-effective R-value!

How to Make your Basement Cozy & Inviting with Plasti-Fab Insulation

How to Make Your Basement Feel Cozier with Plasti-Fab Insulation Having a basement in your home always tends to be a bittersweet affair. It’s exciting and beneficial to have an underground space for cool activities, such as hosting guests, having a playroom for your…

Plasti-Fab Launches Graphite-Enhanced EPS Product Solutions

EnerSpan™ Insulation: Boosting your R-value with premium insulation With a lot of EPS products available on the market today, Plasti-Fab decided to develop a product that uses graphite in the EPS bead to enhance the performance of the EPS, and pass the benefit on to…

Insulate Cathedral Ceilings with PlastiSpan® or DuroFoam® by Plasti-Fab

Insulation is important in a variety of areas in your home. It is what helps create the all important thermal envelope. This month we have really been focusing on roof insulation, and how it helps your home. A lot of insulation solutions are well…

PlastiSpan Sloped Roof Insulation Solutions

PlastiSpan Sloped Roof Insulation Written by Guest Writer: Neil Henrikson, Plasti-Fab Roofing Sales Expert Moisture infiltration is a contributing factor to the premature failure of buildings. The roof of any structure is the first line of defense against rain or melting snow and ice….

Under slab Insulation Using PlastiSpan® Insulation

Cold weather seems like it is here to stay, and if you listen to the groundhog – we have 6 more week of winter! Why endure the cold with your basement slab or commercial slab? Insulating under your concrete slab using PlastiSpan insulation is…

Homeowner heats up his basement with PlastiSpan HD Hydronic Insulation

Like most homeowners, Philippe Clairo disliked cold basements. So when he and his wife Cat Hackman had the chance to design a 2,300 sq. ft. custom residence, they went for a radiant heating system in the basement for complete comfort and energy performance. “Coming…

Keeping the Cold out Part II: How to Insulate your Basement Walls

Yesterday we looked at how to begin insulating your basement by using PlastiSpan insulation on the floor. Walls can be just as important as the floor when insulating, especially if you have a walkout basement or exposed foundation walls. Our goal is energy efficiency,…