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Plasti-Fab’s Polymer Plant receives GE “Proof not Promises” Award

August 21, 2014

ge-awardEnergy and environmental solutions provider GE Power & Water Technologies recently presented Plasti-Fab’s Polymer Plant with the “Proof Not Promises” award.

“Proof Not Promises” is a category of GE’s customer awards that are given to companies based on successfully implementing efficiency improvements; recognizing them for significantly improving industrial operational performance.

The award was presented to Plasti-Fab after Dan Mooney, Chief Steam Engineer of the Polymer Plant spent time working with GE in the reduction of utilizing the “Steamate” condensate corrosion inhibitor for the Moulding Plant Boiler by more than 75%.

With the help of a GE representative, Polymer Plant staff and employees, a chemical addition reduction initiative targeted at steam condensate return piping amine in the Crossfield Block Moulding Plant was completed. Amines are added to the steam systems to coat iron piping and prevent corrosion. Amines are the most expensive component of a boiler water treatment system.

The goal of this initiative was to add controls in order to optimize the addition to the required points which reduces the consumption to the minimum amount required in achieving piping protection.

Not only has the Amine consumption in the system reduced dramatically over the 3 month evaluation period without sacrifice of the piping protection, it also produced annual operational savings in the range to $9,000 to $10,000.

global_sustainability-green-integrationAt Plasti-Fab, we continue to be devoted to the sustainability of our products, practice and production. Our supply chain links are with major corporations that support the Responsible Care® Initiative. At the interface with them, our operating practices are subject to audit by them. Which helps the industry to operate safely, profitably and with care for future generations.

To learn more about Plasti-Fab’s sustainability initiative, visit

Insulspan® SIPS Prove Integral to Award-Winning Energy-Efficient Establishment

August 7, 2014

MEC-North-Van---Insulspan-SIPs[1]August, 2014

A national program of Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine and the Canada Green Building Council recently awarded eight (8) projects the Canadian Green Building Award for exemplary sustainably-designed buildings in Canada.

The Mountain Equipment Co-op Store in North Vancouver was one such project. Using Insulspan Structural Insulating Panels (SIPs) for the walls and roof, along with other sustainable design considerations, MEC was able to develop a sustainable structure worthy of the prestigious award from the Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine.

The judges for the award commented about the structure, saying “A beautiful building with impressive performance – as a retail facility that needs to attract and engage customers. The site development and integration with the park is carefully considered. MEC raises the bar every time it develops a new store.”

The Insulspan SIPs made this unique design possible while still providing the thermal envelope and sustainable attributes that continue to be an important element to the MEC organization. Insulspan SIPs provide superior energy efficiency, improved air quality, strength and security, with a commitment to high quality sustainable building solutions.  MEC also chose Insulspan SIPS for a retail store in Ontario and its head office in Vancouver.

Read more about the MEC Project in our Project Profile:[1].pdf

To view the award, visit:



For more than 30 years, Insulspan has led the industry in the development and manufacture of structural insulated panels. Insulspan SIPs have been named the number one green building product by the editors of Sustainable Industries magazine. In the words of the judges, “Not all SIPs are created equal, and Insulspan is the best.” Insulspan continues to pursue innovation in structural insulated panel fabrication and performance.

For more information on Insulspan, visit


PFB Corporation

PFB® manufactures innovative, high-quality insulating building products and technologies that, when used as components of a building envelope, enable residential and commercial structures to be highly energy-efficient. We are experts in geotechnical application of our products. Our core competency is our expertise in expanded polystyrene foams (EPS). We are the only vertically integrated EPS company in North America; which as a consequence, provides us with technical expertise positioning us in a unique leadership position in the EPS industry.

For more information, visit

Plasti-Fab Launches Online Continuing Education for EPS Thermal Insulation

July 10, 2014





Distance learning is a useful and convenient method for professionals to gain knowledge and earn continuing education credits. Considered to be a viable alternative to traditional, classroom style education, online learning is a practical and affordable way for procuring ongoing, state-of-the-art, and up-to-date continuing education. You can download a course 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Since the course then resides in your desktop or laptop computer, you can participate in the learning experience at the convenience of your home, office, or while on the road.

e-learningPlasti-Fab Ltd., a leader in providing EPS Product Solutions, has developed an online training seminar that has been recently published with AEC Daily’s Online Learning Environment providing an overview of EPS insulation, EPS geofoam and ICF/SIP building system solutions produced using sustainable EPS manufacturing processes.  Standing behind education being the key to an industry of successful better building ideas, Plasti-Fab explains expanded polystyrene, its uses and applications as well as the building systems that utilize the EPS technology: ICFs and SIPs. Highlighting energy efficiency and R-values, along with product quality and years of service and expertise, the Plasti-Fab program highlights EPS product information and solutions, with a strong foundation of technical information.

These courses are offered free of charge through a professional courtesy provided by the sponsors on the AEC Daily web site.

Take your continuing education course today or contact Plasti-Fab for more information. | | 1-88-Think EPS

Insulspan® SIPs help homeowners create an energy-efficient and durable Michigan home

July 8, 2014

Powamo, Michigan

powamo houseWhen building a custom two-story Colonial house, a couple  in Powamo, Michigan began their research by examining alternative building systems that would create a higher quality home than traditional wood framing.

“Before we started building I was looking at alternatives like superior building materials,” said the homeowner.  “We wanted to find something that was better than what everyone else has.”

Their search led them the Insulspan® Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System.  Insulspan SIPs provide exceptional energy efficiency and durability due to their insulating core that is continuous throughout the prefabricated panels, virtually eliminating heat loss caused by thermal bridging at wood studs, gaps, and air leakage.

“I have the satisfaction of knowing I will never have air gaps or insulation settling,” said the homeowner.  “I like the idea that my home is just built better with better materials.”

Insulspan’s industry-leading ready-to-assembly building system also saves time and labor during the construction process.


Builders install the Insulspan SIP walls for this southern Michigan homeowner.

Builders install the Insulspan SIP walls for this southern Michigan homeowner.

“The builder was familiar with SIPs, had built his own house with SIPs, and was a huge advocate of the Insulspan System,” said the homeowner.  “The builder nudged me along and removed a lot of his labor costs to not do stick framing.”

“We really like working with builders who understand the value behind the product and how it works,” said Aaron Hinde, Insulspan Blissfield Sales Manager.  “Our Ready-To-Assemble package goes a long way, but a builder who really stands behind the technology and building system makes the project a success.”

Learn More about Insulspan SIPs at


Renovating your Home with Plasti-Fab Continuous Insulation

June 17, 2014

written by: Melissa Carruthers
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Renovating your home? Let’s talk exterior sheathing. People are always looking at different ways to increase their energy efficiency and decrease their energy costs. So what do they do? Replace windows and doors. Well that’s a great start, but what about all that space between your windows and doors? Your walls? How much energy is leaving through your walls every day? My parents were always after me as a kid to shut the door and “stop air conditioning the outside!” In reality though, you could be losing up to 33% of your heating and cooling through your walls every day. So how do we fix this? Well this is where PlastiSpan insulation saves the day. It is more cost effective and time effective to increase your R-Value above grade by going from the outside in then from the inside out. Wait what? Do you already have siding on your home or building? Here are some steps you can take:

1. Check your local building code; see what they have for rules, requirements and restrictions. This will save you problems later on

2. Figure out if you are eligible for any provincial or federal rebates and see if there are any requirements like a “blower door test” or an energy audit so you are able to show what you currently have and they can see the changes.
SPECIAL NOTE: The Canadian government has  introduced the EcoEnergy Retrofit program and they have a frequently asked questions page that I found really helpful. I definitely recommend you check it out.
***It’s important that you read the rules before you make an investment expecting to get money back. The rules are fairly clear and I know I’d want my $5000***

3. Now let’s get down to work. Once you have everything figured out for your rebate and building codes we need to buy the rigid insulation to increase your energy efficiency and decrease your costs. Your obvious choice of rigid insulation would be one of the following; PlastiSpan, PlastiSpan HD or Durofoam.

4. Let me tell you why:
a. PlastiSpan has the lowest cost/R-Value for rigid insulation
b. PlastiSpan HD is also a more cost effective product then other rigid insulations. It gives you a slightly higher R-Value than PlastiSpan too.
c. DuroFoam is an ideal product for sheathing because it has been laminated on both sides, one with a green film and one with a silver one
**You can install DuroFoam insulation with either side facing out. It is merely your preference.**

5. Once you’ve removed all your existing siding you need to plan out the joints. Apply one of the PlastiSpan insulation products over the exterior of the wood framing. All vertical edges of the PlastiSpan insulation need to be butted tightly together over stud locations for adequate support.

6. Here is an important step! Make sure you are using the correct fasteners. PlastiSpan Insulation must be fastened to framing using fasteners with heads or washers at least ½” diameter where the cladding with be applied directly against the insulation. Fasteners with heads or washers at least 1” in diameter must be used where an air space will exist between the PlastiSpan insulation and the cladding. (The fasteners are usually a nail with a green washer around it)

7. A sheathing membrane is not required if all joints between the PlastiSpan insulation and all openings in the wall are taped using a sheathing tape to seal them.

8. Now to install your exterior cladding. Cladding must be attached to the wood framing members so they need to be long enough to penetrate through the PlastiSpan insulation and at least 1” into the wood framing.

9. This should finish off the exterior of your house, new doors, new windows and by using PlastiSpan under your sheathing will make a huge difference on your energy bills every month and then both Federal and Provincial governments will give you money for making these changes. It’s a win win situation.

By the way, don’t forget below grade insulation. Check out our Below grade insulation blog here.

Let me know how it works out for you and how much money you are getting back!

Building Energy Efficient Walls with Insulspan SIPs

May 27, 2014

Written by Aaron Hinde

Why is the insulation of your walls so important? Well for starters, 40% of the world’s energy consumption is in buildings. That energy converts to dollars. When building a home you want the most energy efficient method available, and Insulspan SIPs provides an excellent energy efficient solution.

The Insulspan Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System “sandwich” of performance-rated oriented strand board (OSB) structurally laminated to a continuous core of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation allows you to build and insulate your building in one step. You gain benefits not only from the energy efficiency of the product, but also from the speed of construction, the designed system that is tailored to each project (see Designing with Insulspan SIPs Blog), and a Ready-To-Assemble end product which includes your essential materials such as lumber in one complete package.

Red Wood Terrace by Insulspan SIP by Design
Our design process reduces construction time and improves efficiency. Blueprints for your home are loaded into our computerized factory equipment, where Insulspan SIPs are manufactured to your exact specifications, then delivered to your location as a ready-to-assemble building system.

Energy Efficiency
Higher R-value keeps conditioned air in. The R-value of a wall is a measure of its ability to keep heat from flowing through it. Higher R-value for walls means less heat loss from the interior or gain from the exterior means less energy needed for heating and cooling. The Insulspan closed cavity wall design limits air movement. The continuous core of EPS insulation in an Insulspan SIP vastly reduces air leakage and heat loss, while also allowing better control of indoor air quality.

SIPs under Construction
Insulspan delivers a full ready-to-assemble package for your walls where we do a complete HSB wall layout showing all connection and lumber detailing. The panels are cut with precise CNC equipment to meet specified tight tolerances. The walls come to the job site with all splines, corners and window and door bucking installed to make installation fast and accurate. The top and bottom plates are supplied and installed in the field to make for connections between top and bottoms of the panels. Insulspan cuts all lumber at connection points for the wire chases saving you the time in the field.

Insulspan tries to do everything in the factory setting and throughout design to save you time and money during the installation process. We also use the highest quality of adhesives and material to assure you receive the highest quality product the market can offer.

So in short, by using our structural insulating panel system, you have built an incredibly energy efficient, higher quality wall system.

Tips & Tricks
To see our product in action, and learn some of the tips and tricks used by the pros, check out our YouTube Channel:

SIPs are just one of the methods available to help create the most energy efficient home. | |

Plasti-Fab Launches NEW Web site for 2014

May 15, 2014

Plasti-Fab Launches NEW Web site for 2014

Plasti-Fab is turning the page in technology. As the company reached its 46th year in business, a new web site came with it. After reviewing the needs of customers and web site visitors, the new site boasts a broader range of product information, How-To sections,  a solutions based hierarchy, and a structure that ties it all together.

Still priding ourselves on our Quality, Service, and Expertise brand promise, Plasti-Fab has come to be known in the industry as the EPS Experts. The web site supports that value statement with an unrivaled Technical Library with a large volume of technical documentation, resources, code listings and other materials supporting not just the PlastiSpan Insulations we manufacture and sell, but the applications for their use.

Look for some of the new technologies on the site that are not only visually entertaining, but assist site viewers with their learning and selection experience. Click here to see the Product Carousel. 

Additionally, the site contains social media channels, up to the minute twitter feeds, blogs, in-site videos,  and multiple subscription services for those who wish you utilize them.

We encourage you to check out the new site for yourself!



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